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Welcome to Clearly Expressed Translation Services – your intercontinental language services team in Canada and Germany!

This gives you an overview of our translation and interpretation services as well as some useful information regarding language services in general. No matter whether you are looking for a translator to translate your business documents, your website,
your user manual or your personal documents such as driver’s license, marriage certificate or immigration documents from German into English or vice versa – you have found the right people to work for you. We are also offering interpretation services
from German into English and vice versa for specific events – please send us your request. We will gladly answer your questions.

If you are looking for a team to take care of the preparations for your multilingual congress in North America or Europe, the Clearly Expressed translation experts will gladly assist you. We are not only experts of the English, German and French
language – we can also help you to make the necessary culturally relevant adaptations in order for you to communicate successfully with your (potential) business partners abroad. Please get into contact with us and we will put together an overview
of what we can offer to serve your specific needs and requests.

We are located in Vancouver, BC, Canada, and Frankfurt, Germany, but are also offering our services in other countries depending on the needs and requests of our customers. Collaborating closely with our colleagues for other language combinations,
we can provide you with professional services not only in English, German and French but also Italian, Portuguese and Spanish. Whether orally or in written form, whether in Canada or abroad, your specific needs and requests are the center around
which we are tailoring our services to optimally serve your needs.

Learn more about us, our translation and interpretation services in more detail and our prices. Or contact us directly:

Ph: +1 604 329 9622

E-Mail: [email protected]

We are looking forward to serving you!